On Earth of Dinos – Mesozoic


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SOS to the Rescue team!

The SAURUCARIA research expedition from AD 2018 was unfortunate before going home in 94.972.821 BC. An Acrocanthosaurus attacked us. The time ship was smashed, although it could be repaired, but the fuel was destroyed. We need to get at least 140 gr of trilobitium. We are trying to reach the Carswell Crater. Most of the collected material is intact. All members of the research expedition are uninjured and healthy!

Captain Dino Sauris

Would you like to be a member of the Rescue Team?

Come along at the latest, permanent exhibition of geological and natural history and palaeontology at the Pannon Sea Exhibition building and try to discover everything in the wake of the research expedition that suffered an accident. Explore their trunks, equipment, drawings, and notes which they took with themselves for their 185 million year time travel. You can be sure that whatever you know about dinosaurs, you will find new and interesting information.

Try every game, solve all the tasks, test your knowledge and skills! We offer special family entertainment at the end of which you should not be too surprised to feel like you want to be a palaeontologist! You can be a kindergartener, mature adult or senior, you will like this trip all the same.