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Except Budapest, Miskolc was the first city where tram traffic was started in 1897. In Miskolc there are 36 bus and 2 tram lines.

For tourists, the following lines should be important: From Buza tér (Búza square) to Miskolctapolca you can get on a bus number 2 or 20 (in the evening and at the weekend). To Lillafüred (from Búza tér by tram number 1 until the last station – Felső Majláth) you can get on bus number 5 or 15. From east to west / from west to east in the city, the easiest way is to use the tram number 1. You can also go to the castle of Diósgyőr, where it's possible also to go on to Felső-Majláth or to Bükk mountains by bus.

With Miskolc Pass Cards (24,48,72,120 hours), public transport is free for how long the card is valid.

Tickets, prices


You have to get on the bus or on the tram at the first door and show your ticket or your Miskolc Pass Card.

There is possibility to buy a ticket at the driver, but it is more expensive than to buy at Cashier desk.

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