Southern Avas God's Word Church Miskolc


3524 Miskolc, Fényi Gyula tér 4

The church was built in the area of the new block of flats with a school by the Jesuits.

The Southern Avas Church was sanctified to the God’s Word name in 1992. Since then it has a school, a restaurant, a student-hostel and a gym. The church is being shared with the Greek Catholic church community. The construction was designed by the ideas of Dr. László Velkeí. The designer of the church: István Ferencz, Ferenc Bán, Tibor Balázs. The triptych inside is the work of Ágnes Máger. The triptych of the greek catholic chapel was painted by Dr. László Kárpáti.

Phone numer: 46/303-474    
Location: Miskolc, Fényi Gyula tér 4.