Waterfall of Lillafüred


Miskolc - Lillafüred,

Szinva stream, which originates from Lillafüred, and is almost twenty kilometers long, crosses Miskolc from east to west and falls into Sajó river. However, it did not used to be this way: the currently known bottom of the stream was evolved related to the construction of Hotel Palota. It can be seen in the earlier photos that on the Southern-Eastern side of the lake fed by Garadna stream, several springs and also the water of the Szinva used to fall into the lake. The flood gate leading the water to the small waterfall was set up on the Northern-Eastern end of the lake, and the water of Szinva was flowing farther across the settlements. In 1928, the park of Hotel Palota was bordered by the new bottom of Szinva, forming the "large waterfall" when flowing down from the rock wall, which is the highest waterfall of Hungary with its 20 meter height.

Since then, the water of Szinva spring was added to the drinking water supply of Miskolc, and therefore in dry weather, the upper part of the stream bottom can get dry. In the touristic season in summer additional water is provided from Hámori Lake so that the view of the waterfall can be enjoyed also in dry weather.

The waterfall is beautiful not only when the snow is melt or in summer, in winter the icicles formed from the frozen waterfall provide one of the famous topics for the lovers of photography.

Did you know?

In winter, the frozen waterfall is glowing in different shades of blue.