Bobsled track Miskolctapolca


3529 Miskolc, Csónakázó tó mellett

The latest and probably the most exciting pastime facility in Miskolc nowadays is the toboggan track of Tapolca that was officially opened in the summer of 2007, and welcomes visitors in the winter and in the summer as well. The track quickly became the favourite pastime of adventurous city-dwellers and tourists alike.

This is no surprise since the toboggan track offers an exciting and unique experience to its visitors, it is situated near the cave bath and the rowing lake, on the hillside. The track itself is 800 m long, and for 600 meters, you are racing down through the trees, covering 54 meters’ alterations in ground level. On the stainless steel track the vehicles can speed up to a maximum of 42 km/hour, but when they reach this limit, automatic brakes prevent further speeding. If this speed is a bit too much for you, you can slow down the toboggan as you like, using the handbrake. The track, resembling a giant sea snake winding through the trees, with its bumps, and right and left curves really pumps up your adrenaline, because you are racing much closer to the trees - though staying at a safe distance from them – than you usually do at a skiing or sleighing track. The track built with great precision guarantees safety and quality. There are similar tracks in Visegrád and Balatonfűzfő. The track is lit every evening, so visitors can use it at this time of the day also, which is a unique opportunity in Hungary.
And now you can take this thrilling experience home with you. An automatic photo shooting system was introduced on 1 May, which takes your picture as you are racing down the hillside, and after the ride, you can buy your favourite picture choosing it from the monitor at the finish line. Increasing the variety of services offered, a snack bar is open in the summer season. So you can stay here even if you get hungry, because - just like in skiing and sleighing - you may want to go for another ride. There are no two similar rides.