History of Telecommunications Image Museum


3529 Miskolc, Szentgyörgy u. 23.


Wed, Sat: 10.00–16.00. In other cases, please request an appointment.

The storage building presenting the history of telecommunication is located in the building of the former Avas telephone exchange. TELETÁR introduces visitors into the history of telephony with the presentation of many telephony-historic artifacts and equipments. Many of the old Morse telegraphs, wooden box wall and desk telephones, manual and automatised telephone exchanges is still operable. 
The nearly 1.500 objects presented in the almost 600 square metre storage hall recall the atmosphere of former telephone exchanges from 1881 until recently. Visitors may watch films about the history of telecommunication in the screening room. The touch-screen information desk provides further information in a playful way, through the help of quizzes.


Tel.: +36 30 359 3539