Jezioro Hámori


Miskolc - Lillafüred,

Lillafüred, a holiday resort surrounded by one of the most beautiful natural environments in Hungary, in the Eastern part of Bükk Mountains in 350 m height, next to Hámori Lake, deserves the name "Pearl of Bükk". Discover the Terraced Gardens next to the lake and learn more about Lillafüred and its neighborhood!

The one and a half kilometers long and nine meters deep Hámori Lake was first mentioned in a certificate issued in 1319, it was called "Feltó-halastó" (Upper fishpond) then. The present lake was evolved by increasing the water yield of Szinva and Garadna by the dam, the design of which was one of the most important achievements of 18-19th century engineering. It was needed because of the water shortage of Hámori Iron Plant was becoming constant. By the time the new smelter was put into operation by Frigyes Fazola in Újmassa in 1813, the dam had been already ready. The water of the lake was used to drive the machinery of plants built under the lake.

Between 1932-1944, swimming was allowed in Hámori Lake, and in the 1930s, Hotel Palota offered the facility to sailing in the lake. Boating was already available for visitors in the 19th century, and in winters, the frozen lake could be used for ice skating.